By joining ArikaMC, minecraft server and discord server, You agree to the terms of service.
We don't make outrageous demands, we just want to protect ArikaMC and it's members.

Right to withhold access

You understand and accept that ArikaMC is privately owned, and therefore the owners and authorized staff members are always able to take away limited or full access to the server and discord server if they see fit. They will not do this if you do not break any rules, but they maintain the right to.

Parental discretion

Due to the way the server's rules are made, swearing in public chats is not forbidden. Using slurs and being disrespectful is. However, if you are not comfortable with your child being exposed to profanity, it is up to you to decide whether your child may participate in ArikaMC.

Respect intellectual properties

Any artwork and writing displayed on the ArikaMC server, website and discord server are not to be replicated or re-used without explicit written permission from the creator. This is to respect and protect the artists who've realized ArikaMC.


ArikaMC is in no way affiliated with Mojang, Mojang Synergies A.B. or Microsoft. Nor with any software linked or referred to on this website.


You accept our rules and, in specific, agree to respect the privacy of our members. You may not share any personal information of anyone else without their explicit written permission.